Star Slams Priest Who Called Unmarried Women Prostitutes

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Busty Russian Playboy model Alena Vodonaeva has slammed an Orthodox priest who compared women living in civil partnerships with their boyfriends to prostitutes.

In the past, the outspoken model, who once claimed to have performed oral sex on her boyfriend outside the Kremlin, has said that she is disgusted by overweight people and does not want them next to her on public transport or in the same swimming pool.

The 37-year-old model and reality star slammed Russian Orthodox priest Dmitriy Smirnov, 68, on Instagram where she boasts 2.2 million followers.


According to reports, the priest compared women who live with their boyfriends out of wedlock as prostitutes and Vodonaeva slammed his comment as “sexist”.

The buxom beauty added: “Decent people from a decent society should not be saying such things in the 21st century.”

Vodonaeva also said that Father Dmitriy would have lost his job over such a statement if he worked for a company and not the church.


Netizen ‘Pavel Molotoboytsev’ said: “I really like her and think that Russian women have always been braver than men.”

‘Aleksiya Svetlaya’ commented: “Bravo! I support you and your statements. You are 100 percent right.”

Vodonaeva recently said that people should first travel and start a career before considering having babies, whilst also supporting abortion.


She said: “Get an education, make a career, see the world, earn money, and only then start thinking about becoming a mother. Do not give birth to slaves to this country.

“Our country cannot afford its average citizens having children just because they want to, so let’s save up and get a career, my dears.”

Vodonaeva also spoke out in favour of abortion, saying: “This is your decision, which concerns only your body and your abilities.”

She stressed she is shocked at how the Russian government is trying to solve the issue of a population decrease, adding: “If you are unsure that you can provide for yourself and the baby, don’t give birth on a whim.”

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