Small Plane Collides With Paraglider In Fatal Crash Near Houston

A small aeroplane has collided with a paraglider in a fatal crash outside the Texan city of Houston in an incident that killed two people.

The fatal crash took place in Fort Bend County, near the city of Fulshear, on the outskirts of Houston, on Tuesday morning (21st December) at around 9.40am, according to the police, after the aircraft took off from Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The aircraft was a single-engine Cessna 208 and the pilot was the only person on board, according to local media. The plane pilot and the paraglider were the two people killed in the incident. Neither of the victims have been named.

Two people killed after small plane collided with a paraglider near Houston in December 2021. (@TxDPSSoutheast/Newsflash)

The Texas Department of Public Safety shared an image online showing the aftermath of the crash. The plane wreckage can be seen in front of a tree and embedded in the ground, with debris and clumps of soil strewn all over.

The plane is believed to have crashed into the paraglider in a midair collision shortly after taking off, and it was reportedly headed towards Victoria, Texas, some 225 kilometres (140 miles) away.

The investigation is ongoing and is currently being handled by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the US National Transportation Safety Board.

The Cessna 208 is a utility aircraft that was first produced in 1984 and can typically seat nine passengers. It is typically used for flight training, VIP transport and humanitarian missions. The cabin is not pressurised and the plane is equipped with a tricycle landing gear.