Slip Road Driver Causes Double Lorry Crash

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This driver was fined just 16 GBP after he suddenly changed lanes causing two lorries to crash as they tried to avoid hitting him on a busy motorway.

Traffic camera footage from the Yancheng-Jingjiang Expressway over the city of Taizhou, which is in East China’s Jiangsu Province, shows saloon driver Mr Peng parked on the chevron markers next to a slip road.

According to reports, Mr Peng thought he was about to miss the motorway exit when he stopped illegally on the markings in order to check his satnav.


When he realised he had yet to reach the right slip road, he merged back onto the motorway but apparently did so without checking for approaching cars.

In the video dated 28th February, the small white car cuts into traffic and causes the first of the lorries to brake and skid into a neighbouring lane, where it is struck by another car.

Taizhou police said two of the vehicle’s occupants were injured after they slammed into the out-of-control lorry.

The second lorry also swerves away at the last moment, crashing into the motorway barriers and ending up on the nearby slip road.

Mr Peng and his car were not harmed during the incident, which led to his arrest by arriving police.

He was docked three points from his driving licence for the stunt, and was given a fine of just 150 RMB (16 GBP) for dangerous driving and unlawful road use.

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