Sleeping Mum Stabbed To Death By Jilted Ex While Baby Son Slept In Her Arms

A mother has been repeatedly stabbed as she slept with her baby son in her arms, allegedly by her jilted ex, who broke into her house at night and he now faces 30 years in prison.

Lais Goncalves da Silva, 30, died after the attack at her home in a rural area of the municipality of Sao Pedro da Aldeia in south-eastern Brazil in the early hours of 18th April.

Silva was sleeping in bed with her son, aged 1 year and 9 months, in her arms when she suffered the brutal attack, according to the victim’s grandmother, Ivanet Gomes de Carvalho.


The prime suspect is her ex-partner, 24-year-old Luiz Claudio Carvalho, who subsequently handed himself in at the local police station accompanied by a lawyer.

Despite handing himself in, Carvalho has denied committing the crime, telling officers he broke into his ex-partner’s house because he was “really missing” his son, and wanted to see him.

He told the police he came across his ex and an argument ensued, claiming she brandished a knife, which he wrestled off her, killing her with it in alleged “self-defence”.


The police and the victim’s family do not believe the suspect’s version of events, suspecting him of intentionally killing his ex because he was unable to accept their breakup.

A few days before the crime, Silva had visited the same police station to report an assault at the hands of Carvalho, and a restraining order was subsequently taken out against him.

Silva was buried in the municipal cemetery and she leaves behind three children, a son, 13, and a daughter, 9, from a previous relationship, as well as her young son, whose father is Carvalho.


The case has been registered as femicide, and Carvalho, if found guilty, could face up to 30 years in prison.

The investigation continues.