Sister Of Actress Banned For Being Too Sexy Livestreams Bizarre Night In With Life Size Doll

The sister of a Cambodian actress who was banned from filming for a year because she was deemed ‘too sexy’ is now herself in hot water after she livestreamed an evening indoors with a life-size male doll on Facebook.

Choum Chann is the sister of Cambodian actress Denny Kwan who was banned from making films for a year by culture bosses because she was deemed ‘too sexy’ in 2017.

Chann, who is also a businesswoman like her sister who runs a cosmetics company, has apologised after apparently causing outrage with Cambodian netizens after she livestreamed an evening in with a life-size doll on Facebook.

Cambodian businesswoman and influencer Choum Chann apologized to her fans for the photos she took with a plastic doll she referred to as her husband on social media. (Choum Chann/Newsflash)

It is currently unclear if the doll was a sex doll, but the livestream appears to have angered Cambodian netizens who claimed she degraded the values of Cambodian women, with Chann also specifically apologising to another Internet star in the country, Lok Chumteav Ming Hun Sinath.

According to local media outlet CNE, Chann said: “I apologise to Lok Chumteav Ming Hun Sinath and the people on Facebook for inadvertently making a mistake in my video activities with plastic dolls.”

Chan’s sister Denny Kwan made international headlines in 2017 when the Cambodian actress was deemed ‘too sexy’ by culture bosses and was banned from making new films for a year.