SILLY GOATS: Police Deputy Escorts Lost Herd Back To Their Home

This is the moment a police deputy performed the most unusual of country services and escorted a herd of goats back to their farmer.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Bay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office along with a short statement that said: “Just when you think it’s going to be just another normal day on patrol… a herd of goats will prove you wrong!”

Deputy Kleinert was out patrolling the streets of Bay County, in the US state of Michigan, when suddenly a group of goats crept up behind his car.

The police officer escorts the goats on the road in Bay County, Michigan, USA. (Bay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

After speaking to area residents, Deputy Kleinert found out where they belong and safely escorted them home, the Sheriff’s Office said.

In the footage, the deputy can be seen pulling two goats by rope as the rest of the crew slowly follows along.

The Sheriff’s Office added: “Proof that there is a possibility for new adventures and career firsts every day!”