Sex Offenders In Japan May Be Forced To Wear GPS Tracker

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

The Japanese government has announced it is considering making convicted sex offenders wear GPS tracking devices in a bid to prevent them from reoffending.

According to local media, this measure is part of a draft policy to reduce sexual crimes in the country.

The idea is to implement the plan within three years, according to local sources.


The draft policy also proposes to improve support for the victims of sexual assaults with mental health care and legal aid, as well as better sexual education against sex crimes and tougher punishments for school teachers who commit sexual offences.

The proposal was submitted by former Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa, who heads up the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s Research Commission on the Judiciary System.

Kamikawa spoke to local media about increased punishments for sex offences in 2017.
She said: “Horrible sex offences have not decreased despite the effectuation of the revised law.”

The government has told local media it plans to research laws and technological tools implemented overseas to discuss in further meetings about the reform.

According to official statistics from a report made over one year in 2008, the reoffense rate for sex crimes was 13.6%, based on a study of 1800 convicted offenders of rape and indecency.

Social media users commented on the initiative, sharing different opinions.

Netizen ‘Michael Machida’ wrote: “This sounds like back to the future! I believe America has been doing this for years!

Social media user ‘Yubaru’ wrote: “Considers? This should be a no brainer, but I would be surprised if some cop puts one on his leg instead of the criminal!”

Whilst ‘theFu’ wrote: “Sexual offences range from the worst crimes to peeing in some bushes or having consensual sex n a car with your girlfriend. Someone caught pissing can get labelled for life as a sexual offender (lewd conduct) and have to register with local police and, in some locations, tell their neighbours about their crime.

Certainly, there needs to be degrees for wearing the GPS, say anyone convicted to serve over 1 yr in prison, which should never happen except for more serious behaviours.”

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