Self-Taught Metalworker Welds QR Code Onto Iron Plate

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

AsiaWire / Jian Yong

This video shows an incredibly talented self-taught welder creating an entire QR code from metal in front of the camera.

Jian Yong, 44, taught himself how to weld more than two decades ago and now makes a living from the trade in Suning County, which is in Hebei Province in Central China.

Mr Jian’s favourite hobby involves taking his welding skills to the next level, with videos on social media showing him creating stunning artworks using a soldering gun.

AsiaWire / Jian Yong

Among his works is that of a Chinese dragon, which he has soldered onto an iron plate.

But his latest and most impressive work was inspired by trolls and doubters online who dared him to recreate a highly complex QR code.

Mr Jian decided to recreate his own QR code off Chinese video sharing platform Kuaishou, which is known in English-speaking markets as Kwai.

He said before embarking on the near impossible task: “A lot of people ask me: ‘Old man, you think you’re good? Why don’t you try welding a QR code?’

“Is it even possible to weld a QR code? Yes.

“Watch my videos. I will weld a QR code!”

Mr Jian reportedly spent three hours preparing a specially marked metal plate and hundreds of short iron bars.

Video shows him carefully lining up each bar before soldering it onto the iron plate – sometimes with the help of an assistant.

The painstaking challenge is captured in full in Mr Jian’s video, which shows him completing the job by grinding the QR code down and spray-painting it white.

Using a brush, he then adds the final crucial touches by painting specific bars black to make a perfect imitation of his Kwai QRhicoming code – and it works too.

A scan of the code takes users to Mr Jian’s Kwai profile, where he has just over 1 million followers.

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