Russian Soldiers Destroy Ukrainian Observation Post Using ‘Podnos’ Mortar

The video purports to show Russian soldiers destroying a Ukrainian observation post using the ‘Podnos’ mortar.

Russian forces from the Central Military District used the 2B14 Podnos, an 82-millimetre mortar, to demolish the observation post allegedly belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on 17th January.

The attack happened near the city of Lyman, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. Both military personnel and fortified structures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly suffered in the fire.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence said in a statement obtained by Clipzilla: “Having received reconnaissance data, the mortar calculation moved to the sector with camouflaged guns, from where the servicemen fire at the enemy with shrapnel-shell mines.

“After targeting, the mortar crews conducted a series of shots, then changed the firing position and continued to operate with another nearby gun.”

A commander, identified only as ‘Nakolka’, said: “The enemy is trying to approach our positions, but they can’t succeed.

“We don’t let them come close, we work day and night. Today we worked on the observer – hit them.”