Russian Paratroopers Allegedly Destroyed More Than Two Ukrainian Infantry Platoons

Russia claimed its troops eliminated more than two Ukrainian infantry squads using 2S31 ‘Vena’ self-propelled guns near Bakhmut.

The alleged attack was carried out was Russian soldiers detected strongholds harbouring Ukrainian manpower and military equipment in a forest in the Donetsk Region, in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defence said in a statement obtained by Clipzilla: “In the course of carrying out combat missions to destroy camouflaged objects and positions of Ukrainian nationalists in the zone of a special military operation, a unit of 120-millimetre self-propelled guns 2S31 ‘Vena’ of the Guards Kostroma Artillery Regiment of the Ivanovo Airborne Forces daily destroy the manpower and equipment of Ukrainian nationalists dug in in forest plantations by northwest of Bakhmut.

Russia Says Its Paratroopers Stormed Ukrainian Stronghold

“The self-propelled gun crews, having marched to the firing positions. After taking aim, inflicted fire damage on the Ukrainian Armed Forces manpower dug in at the strong points.

“More than two enemy infantry squads were destroyed by targeted fire from self-propelled guns.”

Reconnaissance of targets, adjustment of fire, and control of hitting targets with guns was carried out by crews. Of unmanned aerial vehicles of the Kostroma paratroopers, the ministry said.

After completing the assigned tasks, the crew of the self-propelled gun. Using a smoke screen, changed their firing position, it added.