Russian Beauty Queen Killed In Illegal Bike Race

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Alex CopeAgency: Real Press

A talented Russian horse rider who was also a beauty queen and a bodybuilder has been killed while watching an illegal motorcycle race.

Tatyana Derbina, 24, was hit and killed by a motorcycle after attending an illegal race in the city of Chita in the southern Russian region of Zabaykalsky Krai on 9th August. As a keen photographer along with her other hobbies, she had wanted to take pictures at the event.

According to the local department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs as reported in Zab news ( “The driver of the Suzuki motorcycle made a collision with a pedestrian who was on the roadway without the purpose of crossing it. As a result of an accident, the young woman received injuries from which she died on the spot.”

@tatiana.derbina/Real Press

Derbina was known for her love of horses and equestrian sports. The state stable in Chita city responded to her death on their VKontakte social media account, writing: “She was a big fond of horses and equestrian sports. Tatyana was a repeated winner of many championships and competitions both in Zabaykalsy Krai and beyond.”

According to the stable staff, the young woman managed to participate at 21st bodybuilding championship in the Trans-Baikal Territory and beauty contests, like Miss Chita – 2018 and Miss Chita – 2019, where she gained second place.

According to unnamed friends of the deceased, Tatyana used to periodically film races, which are prohibited by the leadership of the Zabaykalsky Krai. Derbina was a professional photographer, trained horses at the hippodrome, and sometimes allowed herself extreme rest, reports kids-tale news channel (

@tatiana.derbina/Real Press

The police are checking information on illegal races in Chita, during which Tatyana Derbina died. An investigation has been launched and it currently remains unknown if the culprit of the fatal accident was identified or sanctioned for the young woman’s death.

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