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Russian Babe With Devil Horn Implants Is A Big Hit

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@iamkitbhell

This Russian model who had an operation to have devil horns protruding from her forehead and a forked tongue has said it was worth it as she’s bombarded with invites for parties and modelling work.

The Russian extreme body modification model Ekaterina Shalnaya, 30, became famous when she participated in the rap social media show ‘Versus Battle’ and since then is a must have particular parties organised by leading Russian rappers.

Picture Credit: CEN/@iamkitbhell

Versus Battle was featured on YouTube involved artist being invited to rap and hip-hop in competition, with some of the shows notching up a million views in a single day.

Body modifications and tattoos are particularly popular in the rap music world, and people with extreme modifications like Ekaterina have therefore become particularly popular in rap circles.

Video Credit: CEN/@iamkitbhell

Speaking for the first time in detail about her decision to undergo the surgery, Ekatarina said: “I had them made them about seven years ago. I was having a conversation with the master responsible for my look and he introduced me to the idea.”

She said he told her: “I ordered equipment, tools, let’s do something for you?”

She added: “I told him ‘Let’s make horns!’

Picture Credit: CEN/@iamkitbhell

“It was a spontaneous decision, an experiment, an interest. A year later we made a motif that is now an implant in the hand, which I have already, and in just a couple of weeks we will put another implant in my other hand.”

Talking about the procedure, she said: “It’s simple: an incision is made, and the skin rises around whatever you insert inside. If you talk about my horns, they are separated from my skull a little bit, the implant is pushed inside, the incision is sewn up and everything after that is good to go. It is done under local anaesthesia.

“I was the very first to whom my master put horns — and he has done it many times since then and has worked every time. It’s a question of having the vision to know what the final thing should look like.”

In addition to her horns, Shalnaya has had a series of tattoos that local media described alternatively as both appealing and repulsive. A bizarre combination of on the one hand shocking, and on the other hand cute.

Her other modifications have included a tongue-splitting procedure to give it a forked appearance and the now 30-year-old who had her first tattoo when she was 20 city has spent the last 10 years living in the north-western Russian city of Saint Petersburg, where she started out working as a barmaid before picking up modelling work.

Her name ‘Shalnaya’ literally means ‘wild’ in English and she says it was a nickname given to her by her sister.

The siblings grew up together in their home city of Irkutsk in the southern Siberian region of Irkutsk Oblast.

As well as modelling, Shalnaya also runs her own studio which provides tattoos, piercings and other cosmetic procedures and according to the online reviews on her VK page, which is the Russian version of Facebook, she is increasingly popular.

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