Russia Says Ka-52M Helicopter Crews Hit Ukrainian Strongholds On Donetsk Front

Helicopter crews operating Ka-52M helicopters as part of a strike group successfully targeted Ukrainian strongholds using unguided aviation rockets on the Donetsk front on the 23rd of January, the Russian Ministry of Defence said.

In support of ground forces, the army aviation pilots received coordinates from an aviation spotter, launching rockets that obliterated a command post and armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the execution of the combat mission, according to the Russian MoD.

Receiving the combat directive to strike specific coordinates, the Ka-52M helicopter pilot, called “OSA,” reported a successful mission with the use of unguided rocket weaponry, emphasizing a smooth and incident-free operation.

Russian army aviation continues to play a crucial role in undertaking tasks such as convoy escort, enemy armoured vehicle destruction, troop and cargo transportation, and providing air support to units involved in the special operation.