Road Workers Concrete Around Badly Parked Vehicle

This is the moment road workers pour concrete around a car during roadworks after officials failed to tow it.

The incident took place in the Polish city of Lodz on 3rd November.

The images show the road workers carefully placing a plastic cover over the vehicle after having boxed it in before they are seen pouring copious amounts of cement around it as they carry out their jobs.

Other images show the car after that stage of the roadworks was completed, no longer sporting its plastic cover and sitting in the middle of the concrete road as bemused locals and news crews take pictures of it and film it.

Workers pour concrete around parked car in Lodz, Poland, undted. The car was removed and the the owner has still not been found. (LDZ Zmotoryzowani Lodzianie/CEN)

The vehicle quickly became a sensation in the city, with locals flocking to the scene to see it and take selfies with it.

The car has since apparently vanished from the spot, disappearing on the night of Saturday to Sunday, according to Polish media.

It is currently unclear who removed the vehicle, as its owner has reportedly still not been found. All that remains now is the rectangular hole in the concrete where the vehicle used to be.