Reckless Mum Who Drugged Crying Daughter To Death Gets 5.5 Years

A court in Germany has sentenced a reckless mum to five and a half years in prison for drugging her toddler daughter and staging an accident when she died.

Jasmin Seitz, aged 29, poses in undated photo. She poisoned her daughter Mika, aged 1, to death in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. (@jasmin.seitz.965/Newsflash)

Defendant Jasmin Seitz was on trial for treacherous murder at the District Court in Frankfurt, Hesse State.

But in the end, the court decided to convict her of the lesser crime of bodily harm resulting in death, local media reported on 28th March.

The court was told how Seitz, 29, drugged her daughter Mika with the sleeping pill Zopiclone and the anti-nausea tablet Vomex in December 2021.

She had decided to drug the 18-month-old tot, the court heard, because she would not stop crying at night.

The court was told how Seitz found her toddler daughter lifeless at around 5am and stuffed her dead body into a chest of drawers.

She then overturned it to make it seem like an accident had happened while Mika was playing.

Shamelessly, following the girl’s death, Seitz launched an online fundraiser asking for donations for the burial.

Image shows Jasmin Seitz’s daughters, undated photo. The mum poisoned her daughter Mika, aged 1, to death in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. (Jasmin Seitz/Newsflash)

She wrote online: “Last Friday, we lost our little princess who was 1.5 years old. She suffocated alone in her room, and I (mum) found her.”

But she ended up coming clean, telling the jury at her trial: “I am responsible for the death of my little Mika, only me.”

The court heard how Seitz had become addicted to the drugs she gave her daughter, which she had been taking for psychological and physical illnesses.

After nine months in custody, she had admitted: “I should have realised that I could no longer cope with this, that I would become a danger to my children.”

Heartbreakingly, she told the court through tears: “No matter what punishment awaits me, it cannot compare to this pain.”

In the end, the court decided there was no treacherous intent to kill, but it argued that Seitz should have known her medication was not suitable for children.

Mika was also survived by her father and an older sister.