Ranting Footy Fans Asked To Pay Cash Fine At Sports Bar

A sports bar manager has introduced a jar where customers infuriated by the underwhelming performances of the teams they support must donate some cash each time they swear.

Photo shows a jar to collect money from people to curse in a bar in Castello di Godego, Italy, undated. The idea came from the daughter of the owner of the bar. (Bar Sport Da Mu/Newsflash)

Camilla Muledda – the junior manager of the Bar Sport in Castello di Godego, Veneto region, northern Italy – came up with the unusual initiative after realising how bad manners sometimes were when she returned from a holiday.

A handwritten note on the jar – placed in the middle of the counter – says: “One insult: one Euro, three insults: 2.5 Euros. Insulting the originator: five Euros.”

One Euro is 86 pence.

Camilla – who runs the place with her parents Daniele Muledda and Michela Bizzotto – said: “The idea came to me when I returned from vacation.”

She added: “In the bar, two patrons were having an animated discussion with a continuous interlayer of curses.”

Camilla told local media: “Right next to them, there was a child with its mum. Well, at that moment I thought I had to do something and this idea was born.”

Camilla explained not all customers were attending her establishment to watch live sports broadcasts.

She argued: “People of all backgrounds and all ages come here. There are also those who need to feel calm without people swearing.”

Camilla emphasised her motivation was not a religious one.

She said: “This initiative isn’t dictated by religious or confessional reasons. It only has to do with education and respect.”

Her dad Daniele backed the plan from the start. He said: “This is an idea that came to our daughter Camilla and which we supported.”

The coins reportedly started jingling immediately inside the jar.

The idea has been well received, according to local media who claim it made more sense than charging two Euros for cutting a sandwich in half.

Camilla revealed: “With a smile on their lips, almost everyone puts the Euros into the jar. No one had to order them to do so.”

But she stressed that no customer would be forced to pay up.

Photo shows Bar Sport Da Mu in Castello di Godego, Italy, undated. A jar to collect money from people to curse was placed in a bar in Castello di Godego, Italy. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Camilla told Newsflash on 5th September: “There are no obligations. No fines are applied.

“It is a free choice for the self-taxing customer.”

The junior manager emphasised: “All of this was born to have a more polite environment both for us and for all our customers.”

Camilla concluded: “Someone even put in some money in advance.”

Netizens reacted mostly positively to news of the initiative.

Social media user ‘AboutDenny’ argued: “Very right. Swearing is not only a lack of respect but also an indication of not being civilised.”

Another one – ‘MaccarelliFranca’ – added: “Great! A wonderful initiative.”

‘AnnaNatella9’ commented: “Congratulations! This should be introduced all over Italy.”

And ‘GioFlo6313’ asked: “Why? I would throw them out immediately.”

Meanwhile, ‘BusatoKatia’ joked: “Oh God, goodbye to my salary. I can see it coming.”

And ‘Bomber_84_’ claimed: “This is how they make money!”

‘Red_Ramos_’ quipped: “Reading about this makes me swear.”

And user ‘FilippiDebellis’ predicted: “They’re going to be a millionaire.”