Prosecutor Only Seeks 1 Year Sentence For Turkish Film Director Who Fractured Models Skull

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

The prosecutor in the case of a Turkish film director who allegedly beat his model girlfriend for eight hours in a jealous rage, leaving her with a fractured skull and covered in bruises, is seeking a one-year sentence after the alleged attacker claimed she injured herself.

Serbian model Tanja Djukic, 26, who has worked in Turkey for several years, was in a relationship with Turkish film director Cari Resat Mehmet Tortop, 46, for two years before he allegedly fractured her skull in the city of Istanbul in northern-western Turkey on 2nd June 2019.

Local media reported at the time that the couple started arguing after Tortop accused Tanja of flirting with another man.

Tanja Djukic’s injuries. (Newsflash)

Tortop allegedly beat this girlfriend for around eight hours until she passed out after fracturing her skull.

After she lost consciousness, he pulled her into the bathroom where he poured cold water on her to make her wake up before continuing to beat her, according to local media.

The victim said: “I begged him to stop, but he did not care, he hit me everywhere he could. After that, injured and covered with bruises, he pulled me into a room and locked the door where he left me overnight in agony with no water or food.”

Tanja Djukic showing her head injuries. (Newsflash)

She claimed he put a knife to her throat the next morning, but she convinced him that she would not report him because she loved him.

She later reported him to the police who, after a long delay, launched an investigation into the incident.

After filing the report, the suspect reportedly threatened the model by saying he would send people to ruin her life and he tried to convince the authorities that she injured herself, claiming he never hurt her.

Tanja Djukic’s face injuries. (Newsflash)

A doctor confirmed that the model had suffered a fractured skull, suffered multiple haematomas, was covered in bruises, and had a lot of hair torn out.

In a recent hearing at the Istanbul 8th Criminal Court of First Instance, Tortop pleaded not guilty and denied all accusations.

The defence lawyer said: “She claimed she had been beaten for eight hours, but her medical report states that it was only a frictional injury.

Tanja Djukic’s injuries. (Newsflash)

“She would have been in a much worse state if I had beaten her for eight hours as claimed. She tried to commit suicide that night. She had attempted suicide before and slit her wrists.”

Tortop claims the model tried to kill herself on the night of the incident and that she was bruised because he grabbed her hands before she jumped out of a window.

He was unable to explain the bruises on the other parts of her body.

Serbian model Tanja Djukic. (@tanja.djukic.54/Newsflash)

Although charges were filed against Tortop with a suggested sentence of up to seven years for ‘deprivation of liberty by using force threat or deception’, the prosecutor requested that Tortop be sentenced to up to one year in prison for ‘deliberate injury’ only, according to reports.

The court adjourned to give the defendant’s lawyer time to prepare for the next hearing. It is not yet known when the next hearing is scheduled to take place.