Poor Greyhound Ran So Fast It Impaled Itself On Branch

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

This greyhound survived a freak accident after running so fast that it impaled itself on a broken tree branch.

The greyhound called Felix impaled itself on the branch and was left hanging there while running down the bank onto a meadow alongside the busy A96 motorway near Munich.

Picture Credit: CEN/@tierrettung.muenchen

It is believed he may have seen something to chase and had not been concentrating as he ran into the wooded patch where he was impaled on the branch.

Felix’s horrified owner called the emergency vet from Tierrettung Muenchen and the on-duty staff led by Dr Horvath together with two assistants went to the ground where they found the greyhound with a 1.5 m branch impaled in its chest.

The organisation said that the situation was critical, and with every second counting, they had first concentrated on stabilising the dog which had already gone into shock.

Picture Credit: CEN/@tierrettung.muenchen

They then gave the animal oxygen and painkillers, as well as an infusion so it could be transported for surgery in the animal clinic at the Ludwig-Maximilians University.

It took the team four hours to successfully remove the branch, and afterwards, they commented that the dog’s name Felix was very relevant as in Latin it means “lucky”.

The dog who was a cross-breed greyhound had originally been adopted as a stray but has now been allowed to return home and vets are confident he will make a complete recovery.

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