Politician Claims Men With Small Pen*ses Are Troublemakers

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorLee Bullen, Agency: Newsflash

A Spanish left-wing politician has caused a stir on social media by claiming that men with small penises are more belligerent and need to make up for their “inadequacies with violence”.

Sonia Vivas, councillor for Social Justice, Feminism and LGBTQI at the City Council of Palma, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, made the claim on Twitter on 9 November.

She wrote: “Men with small penises tend to be more belligerent. It is due to the fact that the patriarchy highly values the size of the male genitalia and associates this measure with the idea of power and strength. Whoever does not obtain this, makes up for his inadequacies with violence.”


The tweet has since garnered 1,400 likes and 6,000 retweets, but also 5,800 comments, many of them critical.

Twitter user ‘A de Mora’ shot back: “Ugly women tend to be more belligerent, they try to make up for the total lack of affection and recognition they have had in life, especially in adolescence, with violence. It’s even worse if you give them a job, as they take advantage of their power to avenge their frustrations!”

Vivas has since appeared on local TV programme ‘Cuatro al Dia’ to elaborate on her tweet after the backlash.


She explained to viewers: “If you watch pornography, you will see that the male members are extremely large, and studies show that boys start to watch pornography from a very young age.

“That member is every man’s aspiration. That often results in frustration in men who don’t meet that expectation.

“We also know from studies from many psychologists and criminologists throughout history that male frustration is often channelled through violence.”


Vivas belongs to the left-wing Podemos party, which is the fourth largest in Spain and forms part of the governing coalition.

She is the author of the book ‘Vivas Nos Queremos’ (Alive We Love Each Other’), a self-described “feminist self-defence manual”.

A source close to Palma mayor Jose Hila told local media: “We do not comment on personal tweets from members of the government.”

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