Playboy Stunner Turns Down Politics After Move To London

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This stunning Playboy model dubbed the challenger to the sexiest 2018 FIFA World Cup fan has rejected a position as a political spokesperson after moving to London.

Last year, images of 25-year-old Maria Liman at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in her home country propelled the Playboy model to stardom.

Picture Credit: CEN

The jaw-dropping brunette recently moved to London where she has shared snaps of her visiting the bustling capital’s landmarks for her rapidly growing army of 564,000 Instagram followers.

Earlier this week she was offered the job of spokesperson for the LDPR opposition party in the affiliate in her home city of Rostov-on-Don in south-western Russia.

Picture Credit: CEN

In an exclusive interview with CEN said that she declined the position because of her move to England.

“My life is entirely channelled to my acting career, politics has never been interesting to me.”

She added that she felt insulted when she got the offer from the opposition party.

“I do understand how people would see me and that I also have no idea about the field.

“I don’t want to be a distraction for people”, implying that officials might try to turn people’s attention from more serious issues simply by putting her as a girl to look at.

The news about the possible change in career had quickly made news and become a laughing stock in Russia.

Picture Credit: CEN

Popular stand-up comedian Pavel Volya, 40, made a joke that even though he has no issues with girls like Maria he has an issue with people willing to appoint models to important positions.

He said: “They might not be slaves to the nation but those are certainly someone’s slaves.

“Someone might say that I am offending officials but I believe that a situation like that insults power as such. It would have been one thing if things were going OK in the country, if everyone had a good life.”

Liman said that she fully supports comedian Volya and is glad that he managed to turn so many eyes to this problem with his sketch.

Fans have been treated to several London snaps after Liman moved to the capital.

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