Pitbull Kills OAP, 74, Who Poked It With Walking Aid

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An OAP cleaner who was always poking her employer’s pit bull with her walking frame has been attacked and killed by the dog when its owner was away from the house.

The shocking incident was reported in the Mexican capital of Mexico City.

According to local news sources, the 74-year-old woman named Celina Clemente Garcia worked as a cleaner for the owner of the pit bull, and was cleaning the apartment at the time when the dog when it attacked her.


Neighbours reportedly heard her screams and called emergency services.

According to local media, police and paramedics arrived on the scene to find the old lady with bite wounds on her arms, legs and other parts of her body.

Celina was rushed to hospital but had already lost a lot of blood and bled to death before she could be saved.


The woman was reportedly conscious but confused when emergency services arrived, and when asked could not explain exactly what had happened to her, or why the dog had attacked her.

The owner of the dog, Mexican Zvi Ziman, told police that the woman used a walker to help her move around and that she would often poke and bother the dog with it, which he believes is the reason the dog attacked her.

Zvi Ziman was initially arrested by police and charged with culpable homicide after the victim died.


However, the judge dismissed the charges during the court hearing, saying he was not responsible for the incident because he was not in the apartment at the time of the attack.

The dog has also been taken away to a canine and feline rescue centre, and its fate has yet to be decided.

Social media users have expressed outrage at the decision of the judge to let the owner of the dog go.

One netizen ‘Marta Castro’ wrote: “Blooming judge, son of a b**ch. I hope one of his family gets attacked by a murderous dog so he sees how it feels.”

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