PHOTO BOMB: Chimp Throws Bottle That Hits Girl Filming In The Head

This footage captures the moment a bottle flies through the air and hits the filmer after it was thrown by a monkey at a zoo.

The incident happened in the Nanning Zoo when the chimp targeted the person filming him in his enclosure.

The footage shows the chimpanzee in his enclosure shortly before the attack jumping up and down before throwing the bottle towards the girl who is recording the scene.

The young woman’s mother, who was not named, told how she had been enjoying the zoo visit until the moment when her daughter was injured in the eye by the mineral water bottle thrown by the chimp.

The eye of the girl, whose age is unknown but is said to be minor, reportedly started bleeding from the blow, although there was no further update on her condition.

Additionally, the phone screen broke when it fell to the ground after being hit by the bottle, according to local media.

Nanning Zoo told local media they are investigating the case and cannot comment before the report is finished.

The incident caused a heated debate among netizens, with some of them accusing the tourists of driving the ape crazy with their behaviour.

Chimpanzee prepares to throw a bottle towards a woman at Nanning Zoo in Nanning, China, undated. The woman was hit and her phone was damaged. (882608193/AsiaWire)

But others expressed their concern about his behaviour as a danger to humans and asked for him to be locked up.

Recently, another incident was recorded with an ape in the same zoo.

As a woman stood outside the safety fence, the powerful ape hurled his mud bombs at her as she walked around the perimeter.

Luckily he missed but – as this footage shows – he did appear to catch another luckless spectator who did not duck in time.

The woman – named Ms Tan in local media – said the ape seemed to follow her around the enclosure no matter where she went.

Eventually, believing she was safe behind the wall, she started filming a selfie with the excitable ape in the background.

But she had to hide under the wall and almost got hit again when he kept trying to hit her.

Chimpanzee throws a bottle and hits a woman at Nanning Zoo in Nanning, China, undated. The woman suffered bleeding at the corner of the eye and her phone screen was damaged. (882608193/AsiaWire)

It is unclear whether these two incidents were caused by the same ape.