PERVERT DOC: Cosmetic Surgery Medic Drugged And Raped Helpless Patients

A doctor accused of drugging and raping patients during cosmetic surgery procedures has been seized by police.

Suspect Eric Andrew Salata, 54, is said to have doped one 51-year-old victim with laughing gas and then offered her a shot of what she thought was tequila.

Photo shows Eric Andrew Salata, 54, undated photo. Eric Andrew Salata, a doctor in Southwest Florida, U. S., is accused of sexually abusing two patients he drugged for painful procedures. (Naples Police Department/Newsflash)

But when she came round she found the medic raping her, say police in Naples, Florida, USA.

A second patient – aged 72 – also came forward to police after she was also dosed with nitrous oxide and allegedly came to find the medic raping her, they added.

Both women had been receiving treatment at the Pura Vida Medical Spa, according to police records obtained by Newsflash.

Police say the two victims consulted the doctor about cosmetic procedures between October and November this year and both claim he drugged and raped them.

The 51-year-old victim reportedly contacted the authorities on 24th October, claiming that she had been given Xanax and laughing gas before the procedure.

She claimed Salata then grabbed her genitals and shook her “with force” before later offering her what she thought was tequila to “help with the pain.”

Salata allegedly poured her the clear liquid which she says in the report she believed to be tequila and, while still under the effects of medication and the anaesthesia, drank it.

She told police she then “blacked out” and when she woke up, the doctor was allegedly performing a sex act on her.

She said she repeatedly blacked out and woke up intermittently, with the doctor allegedly raping her and sexually assaulting her.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Naples Police Department dated 22nd November saying: “During the previous four weeks, the Naples Police Department received complaints from women who advised being sexually battered while receiving cosmetic medical treatments at the Pura Vida Medical Spa, located at 350 5th Avenue South, Unit #203. The women identified their assailant as Dr. Eric Andrew Salata, a fifty-four year-old board-certified physician.”

They went on: “One victim advised being administered nitrous oxide to assist with sedation and pain from the procedure. During the procedure, as the nitrous oxide was wearing off, she found Dr. Salata performing sexual intercourse.

Photo shows Eric Andrew Salata, 54, (front) undated photo. Eric Andrew Salata, a doctor in Southwest Florida, U. S., is accused of sexually abusing two patients he drugged for painful procedures. (Newsflash)

“The victim felt shocked after the sedation subsided about what had taken place, contacted police, and submitted to a sexual assault examination which was sent to the FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] laboratory for the continuing investigation.”

Police also said that a second victim had spoken out about the alleged abuse she suffered, saying: “A second victim came forward and relayed to police a similar account about her experience while under sedation at Pura Vida Medical Spa with Dr. Salata. Detectives collected sexual assault evidence, which was also submitted to the FDLE laboratory for comparison and to support a prosecution of Dr. Salata.” (sic)

They added: “Dr. Salata was located at the Pura Vida Clinic on Monday (November 21, 2022) night and placed under arrest for two counts of Sexual Battery to a Physically Helpless Person. Detectives also served a search warrant on the practice to locate any additional evidence.”

The Naples Police Department also said: “Any persons with additional information regarding these investigations should contact the Naples Police Department at 239-213-3000.”

Dr Salata faces two counts of sexual battery and posted a USD 200,000 bond out of Collier County Jail.

The investigation is ongoing.