Paraglider Breaks Ramadan Fast In Mid-Air

This is the moment a man treats himself to a taste of the high life as he breaks his Ramadan fast with a snack as he paraglides through the sky.

High flyer Abdulbari Al Abdullah filmed himself soaring over Saudi Arabia with a special tray fixed to his harness so he could tuck into his in-flight meal.

The flight – above the Asir region mountains – has clocked up nearly 40,000 views since it was posted online on Sunday, 16th April.

A Saudi man eats Iftar on a parachute over the mountains of Asir region, Saudi Arabia, undated. The man is called Abdulbari Al Abdullah and he is a tour guide. (@Capt_Abdulbari/Newsflash )

As he chats to his selfie stick he can be seen pouring a cup of water before tucking into a snack.

Abdulbari – who works as a tour guide – was eating ‘Iftar’, a meal eaten by Muslims at sundown to break the daily fast during Ramadan.

He can be heard saying in the video in Arabic: “An acceptable fast and a delicious Iftar… Praise Allah.”

This year, Ramadan began In the UK on the evening of Thursday, 23rd March and will end on Friday, 21st April.