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Out-Of-Control Cargo Ship Destroys Pier Hangar

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This is the moment an out-of-control cargo ship crashes into a pier and causes a large ship hangar to crumble and collapse.

The dramatic footage was filmed by horrified staff members at the Yangtze River shipping terminal belonging to the Hopefull Grain & Oil Group in Taizhou, which is a coastal city in Jiangsu Province in East China.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The incident took place on the morning of 13th September minutes after Chinese bulk carrier ‘Hua Jiang 17’ is said to have reported propulsion failure from its engine room.

The 190-metre (620-foot) long vessel, which is 32 metres (100 feet) wide, can be seen floating into the pier and crashing into the steel hangar, causing half of the structure to collapse and plunge into the river.

The loud collision was witnessed by several dock workers who watched as Hua Jiang 17, which has a 50,000 tonne capacity, eventually stopped against the pier.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

According to reports, the bulk carrier built in 2012 and belonging to Jiangsu Huajiang Sea Transportation Co. Ltd reported engine failure minutes before the accident.

The Taizhou Maritime Safety Administration is said to have ordered Hua Jiang 17 to drop anchor, but the collision happened soon after.

Officials said no one was injured during the incident, which is still being investigated.

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