Orthodox Nun Pushes OAP Onto Train Tracks

Story ByGabriel ZamfirSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a woman dressed as an Christian orthodox nun on a train platform pushes an elderly man onto the tracks.

The incident occurred when a mother and daughter dressed as nuns were standing on the platform in the railway station in the city of Vaslui, in Eastern Romania’s Vaslui County and they have now been accused of attempted murder.

In the video, an elderly man, who has not been named in reports, can be seen walking down the platform past the two women when one of them backs into him. The woman uses her backpack to knock the man over and he falls onto the train tracks, after which the two ‘nuns’ walk away.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The man appears to be injured and needs the help of an onlooker to be pulled up from the tracks and onto the platform. He can then be seen sitting on the platform.

The police reportedly managed to identify the man from the CCTV footage but he refused to file a complaint against the women.

The Vaslui police confirmed that they had received a complaint that two women in the area had been creating nuisance int he area, with a woman saying they had been shoved her son.

Police went to the scene but could not take action against the two women as they had calmed down, according to reports.

The women on the train platform were identified as “sister Elena”, 69, and “sister Petruta”, 46, mother and daughter. According to local media, the two women live like nuns despite not being recognised as nuns by the local clergy.

Locals say the two women have been seen in the city of Vaslui ever since April, trying to preach to people on the street. There have been numerous reports about them causing disturbances in public, according to local media.

The mother and daughter are said to have taken the next train after knocking the elderly man onto the tracks. The two were reportedly found by the cops in the town of Adjud, in Eastern Romania’s Vrancea County before being taken into custody and transferred back to Vaslui where they were hospitalised in the Psychiatry Section of the Vaslui County Hospital, for check ups.

A criminal file was opened in their names, with them being accused by the prosecutor of attempted murder.

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