Onlookers Amused By Roller Skating Nuns In Religious Garb On Beachside Boardwalk

This is the moment onlookers are amused by two nuns in religious garb roller skating down a beachside boardwalk.

Footage of the unusual spectacle was recorded by locals on Beira Mar Avenue, which runs alongside Iracema Beach in the coastal city of Fortaleza in the Brazilian state of Ceara, on the night of Sunday, 17th October.

The two roller skaters were not revellers in fancy dress, but nuns from the Instituto Religioso Filhos e Filhas da Misericordia de Jesus Salvador (Sons and Daughters of the Mercy of Jesus the Saviour Religious Institute) in the neighbourhood of Parque Dois Irmaos.

Nuns shared a photo with other skaters when they went roller-skating in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 17th October. (@filhasdamisericordia/CEN)

Though only two nuns are seen in the video footage, it was three nuns and a postulant who were enjoying a night out on the town at the time.

The four devotees amused passersby as they stumbled on their roller skates down the boardwalk, and they also chatted with locals who stopped them to ask for photos.

The women were named as Mother Elisabete, Sister Tereza, Sister Clara, and Iohanna, who is completing her postulancy before she can be admitted to the novitiate.

Nuns seen roller-skating in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 17th October. (CEN)

Mother Elisabete told reporters that she and Sister Tereza already knew how to roller skate and had done it on previous occasions, whereas it was Sister Clara’s and Iohanna’s first time.

She told news portal G1: “It was really cool. We were happy to be able to evangelise people so they can have this contact with the Catholic Church through ourselves and through a simple skate.”

Mother Elisabete told reporters that 10 nuns are part of the religious institute and that once a month, they are allowed to enjoy themselves outside the confines of their convent.

Nuns seen roller-skating in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 17th October. (CEN)

In addition to roller skating, the nuns also like to unwind by playing volleyball, going to the cinema, and partaking in other forms of physical exercise.

According to latest figures, some 119 million Brazilians are Catholic, representing 61 percent of the country’s population.

Despite Brazil being the single country with the largest Catholic community in the world, the Catholic Church in Brazil is fast losing believers to Protestant churches and irreligion.