One-Year-Old Killed By Dad While Reversing

This one-year-old baby has died after his devastated dad accidentally ran him over with the family car.

Picture shows Joo Antnio Pires Cordeiro who was ran over by his father in Vitria da Conquista, Bahina in Brazil, undated. Initial information indicates that it was an accident. (Newsflash)

The horror incident happened in Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia state, Brazil on 14th February.

As the dad was reversing the family car out of the garage, he did not notice that Joao Antonio Pires Cordeiro had escaped from the home and run out behind the vehicle.

As he manoeuvred the car onto the road, he knocked the little lad down with the rear bumper.

Young Joao was immediately rushed to a local hospital, but medics could only deliver the family the devastating news that he was dead on arrival.

Illustrative image of Vitria da Conquista, Bahia in Brazil, undated. A one-year-old boy was ran over by his father. (Newsflash)

The toddler’s body was taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine before being handed back to his forlorn family the next morning.

His funeral was held at his maternal grandparents’ home in Dom Basilio, Bahia state, later that day. He was then buried in the municipality.

This heart-wrenching snap shows Joao in happier times giggling next to his soft toys.

Civil Police are investigating the case and are withholding the victim’s parents’ names to protect their privacy.