Old Dog Dies In Owners Arms From Firework Panic Attack

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

These heartbreaking pictures show an old dog which died in its owner’s arms because it could not stand the sound of fireworks going off near its house and suffered a panic attack.

The incident took place in the city of Esquel, in the southern Argentine province of Chubut and photos of the dog’s owner hugging the dying pooch have touched netizens having been shared over 12,000 times.

Picture Credit: CEN/ADAE

Local media reported that the animal, named Magui, suffered a panic attack as fireworks were going off and the dog died shortly after.

Antonella Modasjazh, Magui’s owner, said on Facebook that her pet dog was “old” and was “scared” of the noise caused by the fireworks. She claimed that she called all the vets in the city in order to ask for help for her pet but nobody came to her help.

She added: “She was our loved pet! Her name was Magui and she has just died. She was old and was terrified of fireworks. We did not know where to put her while other people were having fun, she was going through a very bad moment. She had an attack, we called all the vets in Esquel to help us but nobody attended us. The dog died in the arms of my son, begging to call anybody to help her.”

Picture Credit: CEN/ADAE

The organisation ADAE (Adopt, Sterilise and Teach) shared the touching story on their profile and regretted the death of Magui, writing: “Your fun terrified her, it generated an inexplicable panic. Your fun killed her. Magui died in the arms of her owner. Her family was left in a bad situation in front of unfair things. This family lost a member of the family”.

‘Silvia Beatriz Moreno’ wrote: “Maybe the fireworks were sold on the black market. Lack of control, poor little dog, how sad, those who love animals know the pain of their loss”.

‘Mariela Mary’ added: “This is also the fault of the irresponsible vets who give numbers for emergencies and never took the calls, they never attend.”

‘Lore Jimenez’ said: “I am so sorry. I hope that whoever is in charge can do something fast as the firework is killing lots of innocent lives”.

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