OAPs Toes Ground To Bone In Shocking Wheelchair Mishap

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An OAP has had his toes ground to the bone while being pushed in a wheelchair because his carer was too busy listing to music on her phone to notice .

It is unclear if the pensioner was crying out as his feet were dragged along the pavement leaving a trail of blood, but according to the man’s grandson the female carer would not have heard it anyway because she had her headphones on as she listened to music and chatted to friends.

Shi Wei-chuan, the 92-year-old’s grandson, has revealed his grandad will need to have several of his toes amputated after their bones were exposed and ground down as a result of being scraped along the pavement.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/Shi Wei-chuan

Shi claims his wheelchair-bound grandfather, who lives in the city of Pingtung in Taiwan’s southern Pingtung County, was taken out for a stroll by his foreign carer, who “habitually” wears headphones and listens to music or calls her friends.

The grandson’s social media post, which contained repeated warnings about the graphic nature of the image, shows the pensioner’s toes bleeding and his phalanges having been ground away by the careless worker.

“I arrive home from work and see this. What the f*ck?” Shi said.

He added: “The foreigner carer didn’t realise that my grandad’s foot had slipped off the footrest and was being dragged along the ground.

“It was a pedestrian who saw his foot was bleeding. They told my grandmother, otherwise his toes might have been ground down to nothing.

“How did the carer not see the trail of blood on the ground? Because she was listening to music and speaking happily to her friends on the phone!”

It was not revealed whether the OAP was able to make the carer aware of what was happening and Shi suggested his wheelchair-bound grandad may not have felt anything.

It is unclear when the pensioner’s toe amputations have been scheduled for.

The family has yet to reveal whether they will report the foreign carer to the police.

The Pingtung County Government Labor Department said any charges of negligence must be filed by the victim’s family themselves.