OAP Survives After Bungling Lorry Driver Runs Him Over

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Video Credit: AsiaWire / Haishu Traffic Police

This is the moment a pensioner is run over by a clueless lorry driver but survives without any serious injury thanks to the vehicle’s high undercarriage.

The 86-year-old senior citizen, whose name has not been reported, was attempting to cross Yage’er Avenue in Ningbo’s Haishu District, which is in East China’s Zhejiang Province, when the accident happened.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire / Haishu Traffic Police

Traffic camera footage released by local authorities shows the red heavy goods vehicle having stopped in front of a zebra crossing to let a group of pedestrians pass on the morning of 7th October.

The pensioner also hoping to cross the same road approaches from the right side of the lorry, cutting in front of the cabin, in the driver’s blind spot.

The elderly man even extends a hand towards the lorry and signals for the driver to wait, but his gesture went completely unseen, and the vehicle starts moving again.

The pensioner is driven into and knocked to the ground, with the lorry driving right over him as the helplessly man ends up in the undercarriage.

Seconds later, however, the lorry drives away and the pensioner re-emerges on the road behind the heavy goods vehicle.

The pedestrian was later helped to the side of the road, with police saying he suffered no serious injuries.

He was taken to the nearby Wu Jianming Hospital for further treatment.

District police said they were still investigating the incident, and did not reveal whether they had already fined the lorry driver.

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