No Home For Cute Black Puppy As People Prefer Whites

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This is the adorable black puppy that an animal shelter claims they are unable to homes after studies showed that people prefer light-coloured pets over dark ones.

The Cologne Dellbrueck animal shelter posted an adorable photo of a cheerful black dog called Berci in the hope of finding him a ‘forever home’.

However, no foster families in the western German city of Cologne have come forward and shelter workers believe the pooch is being discriminated against.

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A shelter spokesperson said: “It has always been said that black animals have a harder time being homed, and we can confirm that with Berci.

“If this lovely male dog had a beige coat, people would certainly want him.”

According to the shelter, Berci’s case is very telling because the dog always appears happy and has a gentle character which means the situation is possibly even worse for other black animals.

The spokesperson said: “Berci is so friendly, happy and amicable, but unfortunately invisible too.”

In a last ditch attempt to find the dog a foster family, the shelter has photographed Berci standing in front of some brightly-coloured flowers.

The spokesperson said: “We sat him in front of our flowerbed, maybe people will see him better then.”

In the US, the situation is known as ‘Black Dog Syndrome’ and has been extensively studied by scientists.

According to research, many people subconsciously believe that animals are more aggressive the darker they are.

Netizen ‘Baerbel Engelkamp’ wrote: “Dear Berci, I cannot understand that so many people only see your colour. The most important thing is the content of your character.”

‘Reinhard Herbst’ commented: “I really hope he finds a loving family. What a sweet pooch, we also have a black dog at home.”