Damp German Resort Bungs Out GoT Vid To Lure Tourists

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/Ostfriesland

This is the Game of Thrones- style video dished out by a damp German coastal stretch in a desperate bid to attract tourists despite the hit TV series never being filmed there.

The video was made by the tourist board of East Frisia, a coastal region in the north-west of the German state of Lower Saxony.

The promotional clip was produced to appear like the famous introduction to the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ and features mechanical castles and cities popping up from the ground like the hit HBO show.

Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Ostfriesland

While ‘Game of Thrones’ features fictional medieval cities and landmarks such as Winterfell and King’s Landing, the East Frisia tourism video shows castles such as Norderburg in the town of Dornum and Evenburg in the town of Leer.

It also features Jever, the region’s medieval capital which has its own city castle much like King’s Landing in the popular series.

Oliver Knagge of the East Frisia tourist board said: “We discussed how we could prominently feature our castles and palaces.”

Knagge said he came up with the idea when he realised the region has a lot of similarities with the fictitious continent of Westeros.

So far, nearly 90,000 people have seen the video on social media. One netizen wrote: “That was fun! A big compliment for the idea and way it was done.”

The second episode of the eighth and final series of ‘Game of Thrones’ aired in UK at 2am this morning [Monday] with four episodes remaining until viewers learn who will rule the Seven Kingdoms.