NEW LEASH OF LIFE: Dog So Fat It Looks Like A Pig Goes Porkies

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

It may look like a pig but actually, this large-sized animal is actually a Labrador.

The video was captured by a local woman named Ms Chen who said at first she thought the man was washing his pig before realising there was actually an incredibly fat dog.

She grabbed the camera and filmed the scenes where the man rubs soap suds into the coat of the Labrador at Ningbo would is a major sub-provincial city in northeast Zhejiang province, in the People’s Republic of China.

Two-year-old Labrador dog resembles pig as man baths it by the river in Ningbo, China. (588848104/AsiaWire)

She said that the man told the dog weighed a hundred and 120 pounds (55 kilogrammes), and was amazed when the dog owner revealed it was only two years old despite its huge size.

That weight means it is almost as much as a person and the man has been struggling to get the dog to exercise because of its large weight.

He apparently tried throwing sticks, but then came across the idea of throwing items into the water which would be easier for the animal to retrieve as the water supported its large bulk.

The two-year-old Labrador dog that resembles pig in Ningbo, China. (588848104/AsiaWire)

He said: “The dog is a really big fan of swimming so as well as taking her for a morning wash, he gets to give us an exercise as well.”

The woman said she had seen the dog last year when it weighed hundred pounds (45 kilogrammes) and that this year it was even larger, so much so that unless you notice the head, it looks just like a pig.

Although the animal is now clearly getting exercise, it was not revealed whether the man has also been put on a diet.