Cute Newborn Baby Hippo Munches Grass With Mum

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Video Credit: CEN/Kölner Zoo

This cute baby hippo seen munching grass next to his mum has just been born at Cologne zoo. 

Visitors however will have to wait before they get to see the mini hippopotamus, the first to be born since the zoo opened its African-themed Hippodrome at the Cologne Zoo in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2010.

The baby currently weighs no more than 40 kilogrammes, in comparison with mum who weighs in at 1,800 kilogrammes.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Kölner Zoo

It is at the moment unclear because staff do not want to disturb the baby whether it is a male are female, although they suspect it is probably a young male.

However, until this can be confirmed the baby will continue to exist without a name.

The baby was born to its 29-year-old mother named Jenny in the sealed off area of the hippodrome that is not accessible to visitors in order to give her peace. For security reasons she and the baby are also separated from the other four hippopotamuses at the zoo which includes the baby’s dad, Albert, 26.

Jenny last had a baby hippo in 2005, and before that in 2002.

The birth was reportedly unproblematic, and the baby is drinking and has already been for a swim in the special baby Paul for new arrivals. The zoo declined to comment yet on when the baby would be visible visitors.

Zoo director Prof. Theo Pagel. zoo said: “We are giving Jenny and her baby plenty of time to build up their strength and it will certainly be a few days to make sure there are no risks. It’s the same in nature and is perfectly natural and normal.”

But so far they say mother and baby seem to be getting along well, with no grounds for concern.

Loss of habitats has made hippopotamuses are an endangered species. They also do not coexist easily near people, as they are easily scared and then become aggressive. This has resulted in fatal attacks.

As well as hippos the hippodrome also has crocodiles, antelopes, and exotic birds from Africa which can be seen from different perspectives.

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