Neighbour Arrested For Brutal Death Of Pretty Teacher

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

A convicted killer has been arrested for the brutal murder of a 26-year-old female teacher who had been missing for over a week.

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Picture Credits: CEN & CEN/LaSexta

The body of Laura Luelmo, 26, was found by a hiker near the small town of El Campillo in the southern Spanish province of Huelva.

The beautiful brunette, who was found face down on the ground with her hands tied, had been missing since 12th December.

Over 200 volunteers helped in the search for the missing teacher who had only arrived in the town on 4th December.

The victim’s neighbour Bernardo Montoya, 50, was arrested for her death and has reportedly admitted to the Spanish Civil Guard that he did it.

According to local media, he said: “”She asked me where a supermarket was and I sent her to a cul-de-sac. I arrived there first and then hit her head against the boot of her car.

“I stripped her from the waist down and tried to rape her, but despite her being unconscious I could not do it. I tried, but nothing. I swear that in the end I did not rape her. I then got scared. I pulled her from the car and carried her to a quiet spot.

“When I left her there she was still alive.”

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Picture Credits: CEN

The victim’s body was found disfigured and half-naked with signs of a struggle.

According to local media, the suspect was only released from prison two months ago after serving a two-year robbery sentence.

He had previously spent 17 years behind bars for the murder of an 82-year-old woman who was going to testify against him in a burglary case.

He was then reportedly jailed again for 18 months for attacking a 27-year-old woman in a park and stabbing her dog.

A Civil Guard statement said that Montoya was “obsessed with Laura from the moment she arrived in the town”.

The victim even noticed it and told her boyfriend that she felt uncomfortable with the way her neighbour looked at her.

Luelmo’s death sparked outrage in the community and protests were held against gender violence.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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