Mum Unaware Of Pregnancy Gives Birth To Tiny Baby

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

A woman who says she did not know she was pregnant when she called medics over severe stomach pains was shocked when this tiny baby suddenly started crying from her loose fitting trousers.

The German woman only identified as Cindy D., 39, because of local privacy laws was complaining about sudden stomach pains the entire day while at work at a taxi dispatch office.

When the cramps got too strong in the evening at home and she could not take the pain anymore when her partner Frank Z., 47, called the emergency services.

Picture Credit: CEN

An ambulance from the fire brigade was dispatched to their house and when two paramedics examined Cindy she said that the pains were similar to the contractions she had suffered when her first child was born.

A fire brigade spokesman said: “A short while later her small daughter was born. The shocked father was allowed to sever the umbilical cord.”

Cindy added: “As silly as that sounds, the baby suddenly screamed out of my sweatpants.”

Cindy and Frank have been a couple for two years. They have three daughters aged 21, 20 and 14 from earlier marriages.

She says she did not know she was pregnant again as she claims she had no symptoms at all until the day her daughter was born.

She said: “Physically everything was normal, I also did not have a bigger belly.”

At just 2.08 kilograms (4.5 lbs) her newborn daughter, whom she named Linda Sue, is below average weight and is extremely small.

Linda Sue was taken to a local hospital by the paramedics where she is now being kept inside an incubator.

The fire brigade spokesman said: “The shocked father drove to the hospital a while later. Because of the shock, he first had to drink a beer.”

Frank said: “Actually the family planning was completed for us, but now I’m overjoyed.”

The baby is reportedly in good health and catching up fast on her weight and size deficits.