Mum Beaten To Death As She Protects Her Infant Child

This new mother carrying her 8-week-old baby in her arms was allegedly beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend using a beer bottle in a jealous rage.

German police officers who investigated the murder in the city of Leipzig said that the new mum, 37-year-old Myriam Zedek, had not tried to flee when she was attacked because she feared her attacker might harm her baby.

Instead, she had curled over the top of the infant as the attacker, allegedly her ex-boyfriend, Edris Zaba, 30, rained down blows upon her.

The young woman had been walking in the nearby forest with her new daughter Ava when she was attacked, and a week after the tragic incident her ex-boyfriend has made a partial admission, according to local police.

Cops told German newspaper Bild that Zaba was a man who originally fled from Afghanistan with his family.

He was class speaker at school, played handball in a local club and was studying philosophy in Leipzig. He had also obtained a German passport in 2015 after moving to Germany with his family at age seven.

He worked helping refugees and it was there that he reportedly met Myriam and the pair began a relationship.

However, they split up and it is reported that he had never came to terms with the fact that he and Myriam had broken up, and had been constantly harassing her.

She reportedly obtained a ban on him having any further contact.

When he discovered her in the forest and realised that she had a baby which was apparently not his, he allegedly attacked her with the bottle, hitting her repeatedly on the head.

Emergency workers who turned up later found her still lying over the body of her child who she had protected from violence. She died two days later.

Edris Zaba is currently in custody under investigation for murder.

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