Man Kills Teen, 19, Dismembers Body And Boils Decapitated Head In Pot

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A man has been arrested for dismembering a 19-year-old woman and even boiling her head in a pot before hiding body parts in bins around the city.

Police learned about the murder when they first discovered body parts in an apartment in the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, and also found the 28-year-old suspect after he tried to kill himself when he saw officers arriving on 21st March.

The family of design and fashion student Ayazhan Edilova, 19, first reported her missing on 20th March. She apparently lost contact with everyone the previous day when she left work and never came home.


Ayazhan was a talented fourth-year student at the Symbat Academy of Design and Fashion and had her own collections that she sold through her online store and also worked in a beauty salon.

Friends and relatives of the victim have several different stories of what might have happened, with some of them claiming she might have met the suspect to talk about her online store.

After the search began, the victim’s possible whereabouts were tracked down thanks to the taxi company that gave Ayazhan a ride to the location the previous night.


Upon arrival at the apartment, officers had to break down the front door to enter as they were not allowed in by the occupant, according to local news site KazTag.

When they finally managed to get in, they encountered the suspect, whose name has not been disclosed, covered in blood after a failed suicide attempt where he reportedly slashed his own throat.

He was taken to a hospital after which he was detained. Later, he confessed to the murder, according to local media site Life.


However, Ayazhan’s relatives only found out about the horrific tragedy the following day (22th March), when they came to the police station to report some evidence.

The remaining parts of Ayazhan’s body were found in bins in a different area of the city, KazTag reported.

CCTV footage of the woman entering a lift in the apartment building alongside the suspected murderer has also surfaced during the investigation.

It is still unknown how the two knew each other and what their relationship was, or what the possible motive for the murder might have been.


While an investigation into the case has been initiated, the young victim’s family now fears that Ayazhan’s murderer might avoid trial if declared mentally ill, in which case he will be place in a psychiatric hospital.

The victim’s brother Almat Mulikov told local media: “We want to know why the identity of the killer is not known to us, why they did not initially state that the body was brutally dismembered and that this was a crime with particular cruelty. We want the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Minister of Internal Affairs to take control of this matter.”

Almat added, “Each of her fingernails was pulled out. Every toe was cut off and placed in a different bag. The maniac cut her head off and boiled it in a pot until only the skull remained. Police are collecting her body parts now.”

The investigation continues.

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