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Moment Helmetless Biker Slams Into Wall And Dies While Trying To Pull Wheelie

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This is the moment a young Brazilian biker dies after crashing into a wall while trying to do a wheelie while people nearby barely flinch and seem unconcerned at the tragedy that has just happened in front of them.

The incident was filmed in the neighbourhood of Sao Cristovao in the city of Sao Luis in the Brazilian state of Maranhao on 11th September.

According to the news site G1, the victim, identified only as Sukita, was performing a wheelie when he lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into a wall. The biker was killed on the spot.

The speed of the collision was so fast that the wall of the property was badly damaged.

The police said an investigation was opened on the day of the biker’s death.

In the footage, three residents are seen on the pavement as the biker enters the scene at the top of the road and pulls a wheelie.

However, the biker apparently loses control and the front wheel slams on the ground and he inadvertently steers towards the pavement.

The motorcyclist, apparently not wearing a helmet, then mounts the pavement and slams straight into a wall.

Across the road, two onlookers barely flinch at the fatal crash while one girl covers her ears as she walks from the scene.

Meanwhile, the two onlookers eventually amble over to the biker followed by a small group of residents.

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