MOB JUSTICE: Furious Mob Tries To Lynch Pervert Accused Of Raping Baby To Death

This is the terrifying moment when furious protesters attempt to lynch a pervert being held in jail accused of raping a four-month-old baby until she died.

Angry locals in Palmeirais, Piaui state, north-eastern Brazil, burned tyres in the street outside the police station after officers arrested the 50-year-old suspect.

The sickening assault is said to have happened on 21st December.

The suspect – named in local media as Elias Souza e Silva – was reportedly inside the police station at the time of the protests.

Officers reportedly had to call for reinforcements to stop the demonstrators from breaking in and lynching him.

Reports describe him as the former husband of the mother of the victim.

Local media reported that he had previously been booked for two murders and two counts of rape against his own daughter from a previous relationship.

One of the murders reportedly happened six months ago. He was arrested at the time, but a judge then ordered his release, a police source reported.

Officers seized him again shortly after the latest incident, while the infant was taken to hospital.

The doctor on duty, Jessyca Alencar, told local media: “She arrived at the hospital very dehydrated and had signs of physical and sexual violence.”

Local media reported that the infant had marks of assault in the genital and mouth regions.

Tragically, the girl – named only as A. J. – died in hospital on the morning of 22nd December.

Picture shows the unidentified 4-month-old baby, undated. Residents of Palmeirais, Brazil protested burning tyres in front of the police station, on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022. (CEN)

Her body was then sent to the state capital, Teresina, for a post-mortem examination.

Authorities in Palmeirais said the family was being “accompanied by social programmes in the municipality”.