Mexico Accuses US Gun Firms Of Designing Firearms Aimed At Cartels

The Mexican authorities have accused US gun manufacturers of designing firearms specifically for organised crime groups.

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) said these types of firearms are considered a “status symbol by criminals”.

The ministry added that around half a million weapons enter Mexico illegally every year with 70 percent coming from the US.

Some of the guns made by US companies that are used in crime throughout Mexico. (@SRE_mx/Newsflash)

Among the range of guns promoted with certain Mexican motifs, Colt produces the Emiliano Zapata 1911 in honour of the revolutionary who was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920. The gun sells for around USD 2,999.

Colt also manufactures the .38 ‘El Jefe De Jefes’ (‘The Boss of Bosses’), a 24 carat gold-plated gun featuring pre-Hispanic figures and skulls, selling for around USD 3,999.

The SRE also referenced the Colt ‘Super El Grito’ (‘The Super Cry’, likely referring to the so-called Cry of Dolores, which triggered the Mexican War of Independence) in a social media post.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard forwarded on social networks the message of Pablo Monroy Conesa, legal consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who questioned Colt, a US arms manufacturer: “What is the target market for this company?”, on 16th November, in Mexico. (Newsflash)

Pablo Monroy Conesa, legal consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), referenced Colt in a tweet and asked “what is the target market for this company?” The tweet was retweeted by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

Last August, the Mexican government, through the Foreign Ministry, launched a lawsuit against 11 gun manufacturers at the Massachusetts District Court.

The companies concerned are expected to respond to the Mexican government’s demands on 22nd November. There will be a debate on the illegal arms trade at the United Nations Security Council, chaired by Mexico for the month, on the same day.