Mexican Kardashian Reveals Sexy New Ops

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This stunning influencer dubbed the ‘Mexican Kardashian’ – who has recently got together with a singer nearly 20 years her senior – has revealed the ops she has undergone to achieve her enviable figure.

Mariana Gonzalez Padilla, 37, who recently hooked up with Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez Jr, made the revelation on Instagram where she boasts 520,000 followers.

Her relationship with Fernandez Jr caused a stir in Mexico because the businesswoman and influencer is almost two decades younger than her beau.


According to the newspaper 24 Hours, Gonzalez Padilla comes from a rich family in the dairy industry in Tepatitlan, and is considered a socialite in her home country.

The couple reportedly got together on social media after a series of messages to each other.

Gonzalez Padilla recently admitted that she has undergone multiple cosmetic operations on her body.


She said: “They took off a little from my waist with liposuction, and they fixed my boob job which wasn’t done well.

“It was something beautiful because the one who loves you will do so in good times or bad.”

As for her blossoming relationship with Fernandez Jr, the ‘Mexican Kardashian’ said: “It is a pleasure to be with you and learn all about you, your life, how you became an idol in Mexico.


“You are a spectacular man with so many God-given gifts, I appreciate your love and attention.”

She added: “Thank you for making me part of your family.”

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