Wonder Woman Puts Boot Into Struggling Restaurateurs

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Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot has had to apologise for putting the boot in to Israel’s struggling gastronomy scene with a karate-kicking video encouraging people to stay home and watch television.

The promotion for the Hot television network in Israel reportedly shows the actor and an on-screen husband looking for an evening of fun on the town.

But they have to encounter obstacles like a babysitter who turns up in a hazmat suit, and Gadot needs to use martial arts skills to kick the lift buttons. When they eventually turn up at a restaurant they have a temperature check and a health quiz before being sneezed on by the waiter.


The advert concludes with her saying: “The best part of going out is getting home”, before she settles down in front of the television to enjoy the latest Hot programs.

But the advert caused a storm with the country’s restaurateurs who already struggling in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result she posted an Instagram story of herself at a sushi restaurant with her daughter Alma saying: “I didn’t intend to cause them more harm… It’s more complicated to go out during the coronavirus, but if we follow the rules, we can go out during without doing any harm, and we can support the economy.”


It is the latest gaffe by the Hollywood actress following on from an incident last month where she flew in to Israel and ignored compulsory quarantine, instead joining a family at a rented villa with a pool which also had visitors.

She had arrived on 12th June, but instead of going into the two-week quarantine according to health ministry guidelines, her family had decided to spend two weeks in the villa rented for the occasion.

The Israeli actress came under fire because she had earlier posted on her Instagram account in March a message saying “staying at home is our superpower! […] We shouldn’t take this situation lightly”.

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