Man Who Kept Occult Books And Creepy List Of Female Names Arrested For Killing Visiting Friend

A dark web surfer who collected black magic books and built a satanic altar in his flat has been arrested on suspicion of killing a school girlfriend and putting her body on his motorbike in order to dump it in the local woods.

Tattoo artist Jonathan Henrique Conceicao dos Santos, 23, is accused of killing Patricia Roberta Gomes da Silva, 22, whose decomposing body was found wrapped up in a sheet in a wooded area of the Brazilian municipality of Joao Pessoa on the night of 27th April.

The young woman had apparently sneaked out without telling her dad where she was going because she knew he disapproved of the friendship.


Silva had travelled to Joao Pessoa from her hometown of Caruaru, roughly 3.5 hours away by car, to visit her friend, who she knew from school in Caruaru, on 23rd April.

She was staying at Santos’ apartment but had stopped replying to messages from her mother, Vera Lucia, on 25th April.

Her body was found on the afternoon of 27th April and the suspect was arrested hours later.


The police revealed they found a satanic altar with black magic books at the suspect’s apartment, along with a list of at least 22 women’s names, amongst them Patricia’s.

Amongst his possessions, cops also found a list of “disturbing writings”, which included the phrases “I go out to kill at night” and “I’m a bad guy and you’re a good girl”.

Officers also found traces of what appeared to be blood on a pillowcase in a laundry sink. They also found clothes covered in what appeared to be semen.


The suspect was caught on CCTV leaving his apartment block on motorbike with what appears to be a body.

A neighbour of the suspect told the police he had earlier seen him transporting a barrel containing a body on a wheelbarrow.

The police believe he transported the victim’s body on the motorbike after the wheelbarrow broke.


Officers later found the barrel, which contained items of clothing and belongings of the victim, close to the suspect’s apartment.

Investigations revealed that the suspect had accessed the dark web, though further details were not given.

It is not yet known how the victim died and whether there was a struggle, given the advanced state of decomposition in which the body was found.


However, based on preliminary evidence, forensic specialists believe the death was caused by mechanical asphyxiation.

According to reports, the victim’s father, Paulo Roberto, was against the pair’s friendship and was not aware of his daughter’s visit, as she had only told her mum.

According to reports, the suspect’s father told the police his son is a drug user and had been hospitalised twice.


The suspect remains in detention while the investigation continues.