Druggie And His Teen Girlfriend Stabbed Her Sleeping Dad Because He Opposed Relationship

A violent drug addict and his teenage girlfriend have been arrested after the man allegedly stabbed the girlfriend’s dad as he slept on the sofa, with the pair also planning to kill her mother and sister because they opposed the relationship.

Cops arrested Giovanni Limata, 23, and Elena Gioia, 18, for the murder of Elena’s father, surveyor Aldo Gioia, in the southern Italian town of Avellino on the night of 23rd April.

Limata allegedly stabbed the 53-year-old at least seven times with a hunting knife while he slept on the sofa in his living room.


The victim initially survived and was able to warn his wife and other daughter to save themselves before passing away in hospital hours later.

Limata and his girlfriend were arrested at the former’s home hours after the crime, and both confessed their involvement during questioning.

In addition to confessing to the murder of Aldo Gioia, the couple revealed they had planned to also kill the teen’s mother and sister before running away together.


The police found that the couple had devised the plan some time ago and had even planned to simulate a robbery at Elena’s home in order to mislead investigators.

Officers determined that the teen participated in the crime by leaving the door open on the false pretext of taking out the rubbish so her boyfriend could sneak in and dispatch her sleeping dad.

Cops believe the motive for the crime was Elena’s family’s opposition to her relationship with Limata, who was unemployed and had a criminal record for drugs and assault.


Both suspects remain in preventive detention as the investigation continues.