Man In Car Has Kids Pulling Flintstones Wipers On Rope

Story By: Sibel AbdiuSub-EditorAlex Cope, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the funny moment a man drives his car in the rain while a youngster in the back manually operates the broken windscreen wipers by pulling on them with tied rags.

The old vehicle’s bizarre manual feature, like something from The Flintstones, was filmed by a stunned motorist in the north-western Turkish province of Istanbul and was later shared on social media where it has been widely circulated.

In the video, a deeply-focused man is seen driving the old blue car along a motorway in the rain.

Meanwhile, a person, reportedly a young woman, in the back seat pulls on knotted-together rags that are apparently tied to the windscreen wipers and being used to operate them manually.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

When the cameraperson sidles up to the old vehicle, the bashful occupants cover their faces with their hands.

Netizens had a lot to say about the old banger’s unusual feature, with ‘Mehmet Fidan’ commenting “Nothing is impossible in this world!”

‘Joker’ said: “If this happened to my car, it would never enter my mind to fix it like this!”

‘Ahmet Oz Oz’ wrote: “Brilliant! Solutions to life’s problems are endless!”

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

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