Man High On Drugs Whizzes Down Mway On Homemade E-Bike

Story By: Victoria Lyndon, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A Swiss man has been arrested for whizzing along the motorway on a makeshift electric-bike and cops suspect he was high on drugs.

The unnamed 33-year-old was stopped by the local police outside the city of Winterthur in the northern Swiss canton of Zurich at around 10am after he was spotted hitting speeds of 45kph (28mph) on a homemade e-bike.

Police spokeswoman Fabienne Sidoli told local media: “Following an inspection, the police discovered that the 33-year-old Swiss man was riding a self-made electric vehicle.”

Picture Credit:CEN

According to reports, the vehicle has been seized by the authorities and is currently being examined to establish what motorised parts he used to build the e-bike.

Police also reportedly suspect him of having been under the influence of drugs.

Homemade vehicles are prohibited in public areas in Switzerland and self-constructed vehicles equipped with either an electric or combustion engine are not allowed to be used as modes of transport on main roads and motorways.

The makeshift vehicles also pose a threat to other road users and are not covered under any insurance policies, according to reports.

It is currently unclear whether the suspect has been charged with any traffic offences yet.

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