Man Gropes Schoolgirl On Train As Passengers Do Nothing

Story ByAngjela TrajkovskaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/Uzivo iz beogradskih tramvaja i buseva

This is the shocking moment a man gropes a schoolgirl on a train in front of passengers who do nothing to stop him and remain calmly in their seats.

The incident took place in the northern Serbian capital Belgrade when the unnamed 15-year-old was travelling home on the train.

As seen in the footage, she was suddenly accosted by 37-year-old Mihailo Isailovic.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The clip shows the man towering over her as he appears to thrust his hand between her legs while nearby passengers do nothing.

The girl tries to defend herself at first, but the suspect overpowers her and she appears to wait for it all to be over. After about 30 seconds, the man steps away.

The incident took place in October last year and Isailovic was arrested soon after.

Before the court hearing, he claimed that he suffers with bipolar disorder and could not control his actions, but then he refused to speak during the trial, according to local media.

The court ruled that Isailovic must undergo psychiatric treatment and has placed a restraining order on him not to go near the victim.

According to local media, he was arrested for robbery when he was younger but has not been involved in any crimes until his recent assault on the train.