Mum Bangs Tots Head On Floor For Not Eating Food

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This shocking footage shows a mum banging her son’s head against the floor and hitting him in the face making him scream – all because he would not eat his food.

The footage which went viral resulted in a vigilant mob surrounding the mother’s home in the early hours of the morning.

Police in Luzhou District in Taiwan’s northern New Taipei City said the incident took place on 6th January, and confirmed that the child had already been taken away from the mother, named as Wu Hui-ting, aged 38.

Authorities revealed restraining orders were also issued in order to protect the abused three-year-old as well as his older brother, aged 10.

The siblings are currently staying with their grandmother while Wu faces domestic abuse charges.

More than 50 people, who mistakenly thought the incident happened on 21st February, gathered below what was reported as the mum’s residence, hoping to bring her to justice.

Police officers were sent to the residential building and later explained that the mum – described as a “monster” by local media – no longer lived there as she and her estranged husband are going through a divorce.

Video showing Wu abusing her youngest son is believed to have been posted online by her husband, surnamed Lee, in his bid to gain full custody of their children following their formal separation.

In a Facebook post from an identified location in Taiwan, Wu apologised and sought to explain her actions in the video, saying Lee, aged 44, had cheated on her and regularly beat her.

In the post, she admits to having been drunk when her three-year-old refused to finish his meal and knocked a bowl of food from her hands.

She has also filed domestic violence charges against her husband, she said.

However, she does not explicitly address the violence, which includes her slapping her son and repeatedly banging his head against the floor while grabbing him by the hair.

New Taipei City police reassured the public that both the couple’s children were safe, and said they would hold further talks with the parents as their respective legal cases await trial.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

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